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The figurative road versus the literal...

Well, given my first and last update was a little over 6 months ago, it's about time to update you on all the goings on in the last few months! 

On the literal road...

I had the pleasure of being a part of the OA schools Victorian tour, performing the swing role of Tamino/Papageno. As a cast, we performed 113 shows across Victoria, South Australia and even a couple of shows in NSW. Touring can be tough job. 9am shows certainly took some getting used to, especially on 'Tamino' days! Thankfully I had fantastic colleagues who made the job pretty easy, and definitely enjoyable. It was a great learning curve. I think all singers wanting to get a taste of the tour life, I certainly encourage you to take on an opportunity such as this one.

Credit: Albert Comper

Credit: Albert Comper


The figurative road to the finals and beyond...

The Welsh Male Choir Singer of the Year Competition took place at the end of August. It's not often that as performers, we get to compete with both classical and music theatre pieces and it was a pleasure to take part in the finals for the first time. Congratulations to the other finalists - Cristina Russo, Chloe Harris and eventual winner, Bronte Zemlic. You all sung wonderfully. The Welsh Male Choir also performed admirably, singing some excellent classics, along with crowd favourite Teddy Tahu Rhodes. Much thanks to adjudicators Graeme and Margot Wall, and David Ashton-Smith for your kind words and encouragement. 

93rd Herald Sun Aria Final

Another year, another final! I was extremely humbled to be announced as a finalist for this year's final, and even though I had the honour of competing last year, it still came as a shock to be heading to a consecutive final this year. I am performing alongside tenors Shanul Sharma and Michael Petrucelli, soprano Olivia Cranwell and counter-tenor Max Riebl. The lead up has been a busy but restful time, and I'm looking forward to what next week will bring. We've had a bit of fun with Simon Plant and the Herald Sun this year, as you'll see below. I'm pretty excited to be a part of a historic final, where for the first time in certainly recent memory, the guys outnumber the girl! As fellow competitor Michael said, there seems to be a "rich vein of form" amongst the gents at the moment, where, in a culture where singing is not a part of our 'lifestyle', it's somewhat encouraging to know that singers, male and female, continue to break through the ranks and are continually shining on Australian and international stages!

The Herald Sun Aria Final takes place on October 25 at Hamer Hall. You can get tickets here


Credit: Herald Sun

Credit: Herald Sun

Credit: Herald Sun

Credit: Herald Sun

Credit: Herald Sun

Credit: Herald Sun

Italia, qui veniamo!

After 2 weeks of masterclasses with Valeria Esposito (BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Winner 1987), and with support from the Acclaim Awards, I, along with mezzo-soprano Shakira Tsindos, were awarded the Italy Opera Fellowship for 2017. This includes a 10 week vocal study programme in Italy in 2018. I am incredibly indebted by the Acclaim Awards board, supporters, sponsors and benefactors for their support of young artists, and am extremely excited for what the future holds, here in Oz and overseas!


The road is long, with many a winding turn...

The year doesn't end with the Herald Sun Aria Final, with a few more announcements to come! It's been an incredibly full year of music so far, and I can't wait to share with you what else is in store for the remainder of the year and beyond!

That's all for now. Until next time...


Next chapter...


Welcome to my website! After a comment by a newly founded colleague of mine who said to me - "You need a website! I tried googling you before I met you and all that came up was a youtube video of you in Year 12 in school boy shorts singing and some other embarrassing videos of you singing You Raise Me Up." Ok, so I made up the bit about the shorts, and yes, it does all still exist on the forever-webs *cue moment for readers to google 'Raphael Wong school shorts'*. *Ahem!* Now we've got THAT over with, having had some spare days at home in between some wonderfully exciting but exhausting projects, I thought - WHY NOT?! So here we are. And now I'm writing a blog about my new website, which is another first (Look at me, kicking goals!!).

So, what can you expect? 

If you managed to find your way to this section, you're off to a good start. This'll be where I post all the fun and exciting things I'm up to musically, and perhaps not so musically, but either way I'll do my best to keep you all in the know with any news and announcements that come my way. So apart from my wife, Tiff, my dog, Izak, my family and friends... you'll be the first to know! 

Continue on brave warriors! You'll stumble upon my bio; some lovely reviews written by some even lovelier individuals; a gallery of some recent and not so recent performances; media with some recordings and hopefully lots more to come; and if you like me, you'll check out the contact section where you can contact me for anything, even to just say hello!

Also, the powers that be at SquareSpace - these amazingly smart website designers, have helped me to include some super handy social media icons below that will take you to my social media pages. Go on, press 'em, you know you want to! 

There's still some kinks to iron out, and hopefully I'll have some more bits and pieces to add over the coming weeks, but in the mean time I officially declare this website browsable! *cuts virtual ribbon*

So I suppose that's it for now... I'm going to go rest on my laurels of having completed this task, and then I'll be back to my musical journey tomorrow. I promise! 

- R